Game Background

First, the game outline: like the arcade claw crane games, but the player is an alien in a UFO, trying to abduct pedestrians.

Second: the screenshot of the background/set for the game:


I haven’t come up with a name for the game yet, but I have ideas for a full series of mini-games based on training for aliens. The idea was inspired by Pixar’s short film, Lifted (YouTube) and a few simple video games I played when I was a kid.

I’m using Unity which is unbelievably easy to use, especially compared to coding in C++ with DirectX. The animation system looks like the most complicated part, but the user manual is very clear. I’ll worry about that when I get to animating the pedestrians.

Minor problem: I can’t think up names. At least ones that aren’t already taken. No names for the game, no name for the alien race or their home planet… even my game studio name is based on a hobby project of mine. I’ll need suggestions from readers, playtesters, friends and family.

Next on my to-do list: Adding in the UFO, hooking it up to player controls, and then doing fancy graphical things with the beam.

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