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The full version Training for Aliens: UFO is now available (free!) on Windows computers via IndieDB:

Training for Aliens: UFO

There’s a new machinima intro, shown here in the gameplay video:

Click here to view the video on Indie DB.

And a few other changes. Thanks everyone who tried out the game and left comments!

I’ve released the game for free so lots of players can enjoy it. If you like the game, please let your friends know! If you share the link to the IndieDB page above/below, I’ll be able to see how many people have tried the game. That’s the only reward I get from this, apart from positive comments.

I’ll be releasing further levels and patches over the coming months, so like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for updates!

Here’s another download link:

Training for Aliens: UFO


Multiple Captures with Beam Improvements

Last chance to provide feedback before I release the game next weekend! Here’s the link:

Training for Aliens: UFO

I made so much progress in the last week that I skipped to version 0.9! Here’s a screenshot of the new Pasture level:


And here’s the new Highway level:


It’s a hard level! To catch the cars, you can’t wait until you see them on screen.

I’ve also added a tutorial level and tweaked a few things.

Please post any feedback on my developer journal or on the IndieDB pages during the week and I’ll include any changes in the release version next weekend. Here’s the link again:

Training for Aliens: UFO

Thank you so much to the testers who have provided feedback so far! It’s a better game thanks to your input.

More progress! As promised last week, I’ve added sounds and polished the GUI. First, here’s the link to the IndieDB page, so you can find the new download:

Training for Aliens: UFO

I’ve also added multiple captures with the one beam. Here’s a screenshot:


Based on feedback, I tweaked the beam so it stays down (capturing) for a moment. Here’s another screenshot:


Finally, I added difficulty settings in the new options menu, improved the scripts, and made a few minor changes in other areas.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some trouble with animations I bought, so no progress on that front. I’m pursuing fixes and refunds, and will soon look for alternative suppliers.

Apart from that, the only things left to add to the game are other levels! The plan for this coming week is to add a tutorial level, a first level and possibly a final level. I have two other mid-range levels planned, plus some post-release holiday-themed levels.

As with last week’s post, please post feedback comments on my Gamedev.net developer journal or the IndieDB game pages.

Thanks to everybody who has tried the game and provided feedback. It’s great to know people are enjoying my work!

New in this update: animated victims, fancier beam graphics, update GUI, menus and a beta download link!

The beta download is hosted by IndieDB:

Training for Aliens: UFO

If you find any bugs or issues, let me know:

  1. what happened
  2. how to replicate it, and
  3. some specifications for your PC and monitor (just in case that matters).

Use comments on my GameDev.net developer journal or on IndieDB. I’ll make changes based on tester feedback, as well as a few more improvements, and then upload a fresh build on the weekends.

I still need to put in more variety in victim movement animations, some sounds, and polish the main menu and closing screens. I also have plans for a number of levels, each with slightly different gameplay.

It’s exciting how quickly I can create the game using Unity. I’m hoping to release it by the end of this month!

Victims are randomly generated, walk across the footpath (in T-pose) and can be beamed up! Here’s a screenshot mid-beam:


I also moved the buildings around, too. I was previewing the game in Unity’s ‘free aspect’, rather than 16:9 or 5:4, but I now realise that there is less screen width to fill.

I tried CamStudio to record my screen, but the quality was terrible. Does anyone have a good (free!) alternative suggestion?

Next step: animating the victims! I need to make some adjustments to the beam when the UFO is at the extreme left or right. I’ll also set up an IndieDB account and upload a beta version for testing.

A quick progress update. As promised in my last entry: a UFO, which the player can move left/right, with a semi-fancy beam. I’ll try to get a screen recording for my next entry, but for now here’s a screenshot:


It’s not polished yet and I’ll probably need Unity Pro to get the effects that I want (e.g. glow), but I’m trying to get a working version of the gameplay together first. Also put off for the polishing stage: a fancier GUI.

Next on the agenda: add moving victims on the footpath and make the beam capture them. I might also tackle animations, or the models might just move in t-pose!

First, the game outline: like the arcade claw crane games, but the player is an alien in a UFO, trying to abduct pedestrians.

Second: the screenshot of the background/set for the game: (continue reading…)

Recipe for game development success: I’m a tax accountant, it’s busy season, and my wife is 5.5 months pregnant with our first child. Oh, and I’m studying. Wait, did I say ‘success’? (continue reading…)